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Yoga Board


Custom made birch plywood yoga board. Buy your board then email us your design - or let us know which Anj Semark photo you'd like - and we'll make it for you. Please allow up to two weeks.

Beautifully laser engraved with your design, or choose a print from Andrew Semark's collection.

The Yoga Board allows for all yoga enthusiasts to experience this new form of yoga without the need for a stand up paddle board, a body of water or perfect weather.

The design of the board features five rockers that are attached to the bottom of the yoga board. These five rockers provide the instability necessary to completely change the way yoga is practiced. The resulting instability challenges the user to engage significantly more muscles during each pose and to realise any imbalances or imperfections that might exist in the users’ form. This enables a much higher level of muscle activation and a yoga experience that encourages the user to slow down, focus on perfecting each pose through proper form.

1800mm x 400mm

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